Hello and welcome! My name is Sara.
I like to bake.
I don't have professional training and I don't consider myself a master but I do jump in and figure things out.
Let's be open and honest here. I try a lot of recipes that flop. I think we all do. Ever see those "Nailed It" Pinterest pictures? Ha! That's what I'm talking about. (...Maybe I'll start posting mine...) I am pretty sure there is nothing more frustrating than reading a recipe that seems great but then turns out horrible, especially if you were supposed to take it to an event!
I want you (and myself!) to have our delectable lemon pound cake turn out right the first time so I try to add a lot of notes explaining what you need to do to make that happen. You may find my posts long but hopefully you will also find it completely worth it as we learn about the science and beauty of baking together!  

A little about me...
I have come to have a great appreciation for those tiny good things in life that we so often take for granted such as the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. This appreciation has grown through trial as is often the case. My late husband, Ben, had terminal cancer and passed away in February 2013. The last few months of his life he was given "days to weeks" to live. When you count life in numbers of hours and days you start to appreciate very small things like the smile on your husband's face, the way his hair sweeps across his head or the cute oddities of his personality that you may have once found peculiar. You even more appreciate the beauty of snowfall, a piece of hand-crafted furniture and the love that strangers can have for each other. Time seems to slow down and you have a lot of time to think about what really matters. What matters to me? God, family and making life the best it can be for myself and others. "... men are that they might have joy." 2 Nephi 2:25

I love to share with others, especially baked goods. Sometimes I feel like my recipients may not want my baked goods because everyone is trying to be healthy! But I continue to give anyway. :) It's the thought and love that counts, right? This is why I have named my blog, "Share".

My vision for this site is to be a resource for a lot of beautiful and delicious recipes of all kinds and at all skill levels. Hopefully some of the fun treats can help make some memories for you and your loved ones. And so with you I will share my desserts and share my journey to becoming a dang awesome baker!

A little bit about me: I was married to my wonderful late husband, Ben, for 10 years and we had a boxer (named Izzy). I got re-married to an amazing man, Chris, in October 2015 and life is wonderful despite the trials. We reside in the lovely mountains of Centerville, Utah. I am a pharmacist in a local hospital and a Primary teacher for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Chris loves photography, adventures and vacationing. We are happy. :) Come be happy with us through dessert!!