Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Luau Parasol Pops and Rice Krispie Treats {Cake Pops}

I'm not sure about you but I LOVE Spring and Summer and anything related to warmer weather.
I'm a California girl. I was raised there for a short part of my childhood and it branded itself on my inner psyche. If it weren't for my darn family that I love so much living here in Utah, I would definitely be there or at least somewhere tropical and warm all the time. I'm pretty sure I was meant to live somewhere like that. ;D  Oh, California.
{FYI: I live in Utah}
So some bad news: My brother just moved back from Mississippi and then moved out of state again!
The good news? He moved to California. :)
I hope I get to visit him some.

So in celebration of the warm weather we have been experiencing,
 I have for you some Luau Desserts.
Parasol Pops and Rice Krispie Treats
They are so bright and tropical. I love it.

Instead of using lollipop sticks, I used parasols.{Seemed quite natural} 
Just those kind that you can buy in the hundreds at any party store. Open some up (trying not to break them can be quite the feat!) and leave some closed.

I love the bright colors. Perfect for a luau!

Yes, that is snow in the background. I took these pictures a while ago. teehee.

I used Guitard Vanilla A' Peels (as always) and colored them (using OIL based food coloring gel) to get these vibrant colors. You can use pre-colored wafers if you care to go that route. There are many brands of pre-colored melting candy wafers. I do not like to use Wilton's product because it has an inferior quality to that of Guittard or Callebaut chocolate/vanilla candy coating. You can really tell a huge difference in the thickness of the shell you create on the cake pop. The Wilton brand wafers will not liquify enough to allow you to have a thin shell. They are always pretty thick. The higher quality products allow the shell to get thinner, which is much better (plus tastier). No one wants to bite into a hard thick shell of waxy tasting "chocolate". If you want a quality dessert then find the higher quality melting wafers. They actually can be cheaper too! Baking supply stores should have them and you can definitely get them online.

You can get them HERE.
This is where I get them. Orson Gygi is my Go-To baking store because they have a great variety.

For instructions on how to make these Rice Krispie Treats, see my previous post HERE.
For instructions on how to dip cake pops, see THIS post. You can use your favorite flavor of cake and frosting.

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