Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beach Ball Cake Pops!

Are you wondering what dessert to take to your upcoming pool party?
Take Beach Balls! Made from yellow cake and a delicious buttercream frosting, these handcrafted beach balls are sure to be the talk of the party...they were for mine! Please ignore the awesome display cup they are in... Ideally I would have put them in a sand bucket with actual sand!! Cool, huh! But alas, some days you just gotta stick your pops in a cup and run. Enjoy.

How to Make Beach Ball Cake Pops
To decorate these lovely beach balls, dip your cake pops in melted vanilla or white chocolate wafers. Let them dry. Score the coating lightly with a pointy object (6 even sections) and then 'paint' a section with the same melted wafers using a very small paint brush. Once covered well with the melt, sprinkle on some sanding sugar or crystals or other sprinklable something so it is fully covered. Pat down to secure the sprinkles. Skip a section to leave it white and repeat with your next color. If you covered each section well in the sprinkles then the next color will not stick to the previous sections you have already need to let each individual section dry. I use red, blue and a citrine color because I didn't have yellow but you can just use what ya got! After you are all done with the sprinkles you can glue (with your candy melt) a little candy for the top of the beach ball or you can do what I did and just pipe on some of the melt to make it look like a circle. Have fun!


  1. Well you know that I am going to need a batch of those before the Summer break is over! Don't put away the sprinkles just yet.

  2. love love love these beach ball pops. I can't wait to make these. That for posting

  3. You are so creative!!! I hope you are ready to take on a baby blessing :)