Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monster Mash Birthday Bash! ~ Halloween Monster Cake, Spiderweb Cookies, Pumpkin and Bat Sugar Cookies, Orange Devil's Food Cupcakes, Spiderweb Chocolate Cake, Mini Alien Cupcakes and Ghost Rice Krispie Pops!

Nicholas' 9th Birthday Bash was a MONSTER MASH!
We went all out for it and it was super easy to do with a theme like this. It was held at the Cottonwood Country Club outside and the weather was perfect! Great day for a Monster Mash. Enough about that....let's move on to the good part....goodie part.

The dessert de jour was the Monster Cake! I really love how it turned out.

I made it with devil's food cake and I layered and frosted the cake with bright green buttercream! I used four 8 inch round cakes for this monster. When I was only about a third done with the hair frosting I thought I had ruined it and it wasn't going to turn out but I kept going and, alas, it looks great! I used a hair/grass (233) tip to do the monster hair and dipped some cake pops in coordinating colors to make the eye balls. To make the mouth I melted some vanilla melts, colored it black and using a ziplock baggie drew a mouth on some parchment paper and let it dry (I also used this vanilla for the eye balls). Then I drew the tongue on top of the black mouth with red vanilla melts. Carefully peel it off. I stuck it on the cake when I set it up so it didn't slide down the face as I was driving. :)

I had no idea the eye ball cake pops would be so popular or I would have made more.
All the kids wanted one!

The whole table looked awesome with all the different ghoulish Halloween props.

Purple Red Vines and Snickerdoodles!

I made some more devil's food cupcakes with orange frosting they looked great on my spiderweb stand! Especially as a contrast to the black and purple table cloths.

I made a small cake for another little boy whose birthday was actually that day so there were birthdays all around! I used two 4 inch round cakes, devil's food cake and rich chocolate frosting! I used melted vanilla a'peels and a ziplock baggie to create the spiderwebs on the cake. I like it! It was a bit difficult to draw the spiderwebs onto the side of the cake. Next time I would probably try to freeze it so I could tip it more.

We didn't have a knife or serving utensil at the
time so I man-handled the cake and accidentally
ripped off a chunk of the bottom...oops!

These Pumpkin Sugar Cookies turned out just lovely. I love making these decorated sugar cookies because I love the detail you can add to them! Fun stuff. Instead of using royal icing for the stems and vines I used some green vanilla a'peels I had hiding in the cupboard.

This next one is one of my favorite desserts I made this Halloween! Mini Alien Cupcakes! I used a plain 1/2 inch round tip for the frosting and bought some edible oogley eyes from Orson Gygis for $1.99 for 50. They are so cool. The kids loved this one the MOST!

I was so sad that a few of them got smudged in transport. Most of them survived though! As someone at the party said, it just adds authenticity. :)

Can't have a dessert bar without dipped rice krispie pops and can't have a monster mash with out ghosts!
So why not kill two birds with one stone?
Presenting: Rice Krispie Ghost Pops!!

Dipped in Vanilla a'peels and used the black vanilla melt for the eyes.
Awww...aren't they so cute.

These Peanut Butter Fudge cookies turned out so cute for my party that I had to make some more for the Monster Mash! They looked great on a cake stand and were a big hit. (So easy too!)

And some Sugar Cookie Bats! (I happened to notice that these look just like the "batman" bat)

The wicked witch and her wicked treats


Lemonade with Dry Ice! Devilishly Delicious!

There were lots of games for the kids to keep busy with! The first was Halloween Trivia Bingo.

Nicholas calling out the Halloween Bingo

Great shot of the Birthday Boy

A great idea is to use Candy Corn as the bingo markers!

So, I ran the Night of the Running Dead 5k on October 15th and while there entered a video contest for one of the vendors, Catch Photo Booths, for a free 3 hour photo booth rental for an event. Well, I won! So we had Catch come to our Monster Mash! It was so perfect! They truely made the event memorable...besides the treats of course. ;D Rob was so great to work with and was very accomodating with our schedule. I highly recommend them if you are in the Davis County/Salt Lake area of Utah.  

He brought a whole table full of props to use in the photos. Even though everyone had costumes on, they were still using the props because they were so fun!

Inside the booth you get to take 4 photo shots and then you get the opportunity to record a 30 second message to whoever the event is for. Rob downloads it to a CD and you get to have these messages! Two 4-photo strips print out right there (in amazingly great quality!) and is personalized around the edges. (See below)

Dadcula (my dad)

The kids had a blast running around playing The Witch's Relay where they had to "ride" there broomstick while kicking a ball to the line of kids on the other side as fast as they could.
One of my favorite outfits was you can see he was trying not to stab people while switching brooms!

One of the traditions for Nicholas' birthday parties is a pinata. What kid doesn't love a Pinata! It was fun and scary (with all those kids swinging the bat) just like Halloween!

The Witch Help

Witch mom is lighting the candles.. haha. get it?

Everyone crowded around the table for the cake and desserts!

This cracked me up because I used to
do this when I was younger!
(Get the bottom of your foot in the picture)

After blowing out the candles, he was quite out of breath.

All the kids went for it after the candles were out!
The favorites?
Eye balls and aliens. Of course.

This cake was huge and awesome. See the green inside?

And would I really be any type of food blogger if I didn't do this....


  1. Sara! This is amazing! This is my favorite set up you've done. wow. And the pictures at the end of you in the booth are awesome!

  2. MJ, Dane and NicholasNovember 7, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    This really was tremendous! The only downside is that I have no idea how you will ever be able to top it!!! The photos really came out well too! Lucky little boy isn't he??!! We are all lucky to have you!!! xo

  3. Thanks! I keep hoping that my creativity will just expand by continuing to do these things rather than topping out! :)
    That's half the fun...trying to come up with something new and awesome and challenging to myself! That's the only way I am going to get better.

  4. Monsterly fun...beautiful photos and awesome people with devilish desserts. Perfect combo for a monster mash!

  5. WOW!! Seriously you are AMAZING!! Love it all, how do you make all those treats?!

  6. LOVE!!! The monster cake! I'm going to attempt one for my son's 2nd birthday in Feb!

    1. Awesome! I am so glad. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions! That will be a great party!

  7. Love the cake! I know that hair was something else, huh!